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"I would like to take a second to tell you how much I appreciate you going out of your way to send me those two books. I am currently half way through Reflections from Afar. It is a very interesting book and tells the truth about the game. Before, I never thought about using baseball in everyday life, even upon waking up in the morning. Since I have started the book and trying to impliment your teachings into my life, I have not only seen a difference in my life but my families life as well! Thank you once again Coach, keep on making a difference!"
Steven Hancock, former high school player under Bill, and an Iraqi War veteran

"The principles in Bill Horniak's What do we do now Daddy...I mean Coach? are right in line with what we believe at Ripken Baseball.  The most important thing for young ballplayers is to depressurize the game and make it fun.  This grows their passion for baseball and makes them want to discover all that it has to offer. If more youth coaches and parents would share Bill's philosophy the game will continue to flourish."
Cal Ripken, Member, Baseball Hall of Fame

"Bill does not provide readers with words to stumble over, but rather with words to chew on.... The greatest tandem relay in life is that of a parent and a child, and because sport involves us physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually all at the same time Bill's work questions and permeates while making meaning of these shared experiences. This work is one that we can read daily as we navigate life and sport with our children."
Scott Gines, founder and coordinator of the Virginia Baseball Camp, Inc.

"I am in inside sales. I found What do we do now Daddy...I mean Coach? to be both informative and motivating. The '10 Commandments' can be adapted to any business type. A MUST buy !!!"
Robert Dennis, Manager, Beneficial Bank, Columbia, SC

"Bill Horniak does a wonderful job of using the metaphor of baseball as a lens for understanding life. This work is a quick read, written in 'front porch' language and will take readers down the path of reminiscing and reflecting. I think it's greatest value is in leading the reader to his/her own place of personal reflection."
Scott Gines, Athletc Director, Fairmont State University, WV

(On both What Do We Do Now Daddy ... I Mean Coach? and Reflections from Afar) "I loved it! I enjoyed reading your experiences and how you related them to baseball. An ingenious idea. What I liked best was the theme. It stirred me to stop, reflect and 'smell the roses.' I laughed out loud.... There were a lot of funny as well as sobering experiences."
Tom Worrell, father

What makes What Do We Do Now Daddy ... I Mean Coach? so special is that Bill really understands how kids think and feel. He shows how coaches can build kids' physical talent, and more importantly, strong character.
Kathy Crowe, Designer, Charlotte, NC




Everyone from junior high baseball players to corporate executives enjoys working with Bill.