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Over the course of his long career, Bill Horniak has amassed an impressive and diverse resume. He's coached over 1500 young adults - counseling, nurturing, and orienting then to the classroom and athletic fields. In the Marines, he oversaw the training of 5,000 Marines. He refueled Navy and Marine Corps aircraft on flight lines in Condition Red situations. He analyzed and recommended efficient and effective laying of fuel lines in battle environments. He's also managed a retail store and supervised a Marine warehouse with $5 million in assets.

What these experiences have in common is outstanding people skills. Bill's an expert in training, leading, developing, and inspiring people to do their best. He also knows how to organize people and organizations for maxiumum efficiency and profitability, while building effective and harmonious teams.

Bill is available to help analyze your business, to develop human resource tools, to lead organizational development workshops, and to motivate your employees.

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Much of Bill's success comes from being a great listener.