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What Do We Do Now Daddy ... I Mean Coach?

dad book Bill's What do we do now Daddy...I mean Coach? is hot off the presses. It offers the reader an easy to follow reference pamphlet with practical tips and advice for aspiring youth coaches. The art of coaching is truly employed with youngsters when they are first introduced to a game they're interested in! Bill's philosophy is focused and centered around teaching, a disciplined work ethic, grasping of the fundamentals, assertive mentality and play, and with the concept of team unity at the forefront! Order here.

Reflections From Afar

reflections book This short novel captures Bill's thoughts on 17 years as a collegiate baseball player and high school coach. It's filled with humbling and humorous observations on the relationships between our nation's pastime and life itself. This book is for baseball fans young and old, and for all readers who enjoy philosophically contemplating the purpose of life from a uniquely realistic perspective. Bill's experience, knowledge, and insight will leave you laughing uncontrollably while revealing the mental and emotional aspects not only of the game of baseball, but more importantly, the game of life. Order here.

Coming Soon!

thin gray line Bill's third novel, The Thin Gray Line, has been in the making for over twenty years. Part fiction, it is a biography of a common soldier who fought in the ranks of  one of the most highly acclaimed Civil War Units to have ever took the battlefield.  Email Bill at and sign up for the waiting list.


Bill at Computer

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"Bill provides listeners with words to chew on, not stumble over."
—Scott Gines, Athletc Director, Fairmont State University, WV